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For the love of your guitar.

A blue electric guitar lays, face-up, across a table with the neck and head point to the right. Under the neck is a copy of Learning to Speak Guitar, a paperback book with a white cover, black letters, and a black-line drawing of a guitar. Under the guitar's headstock is an open laptop, the screen shows music editing software. There is a lined pad of paper and a pen below the laptop.

Richardson Effects Are Here

Personal Luthier is excited to introduce Richardson Effects. Offering hand-wired, vintage inspired onboard effects and more, Richardson Effects is here to help you fulfill your musical dreams.

Richardson Effects fit in most common control cavities—no routing required.

Personal Luthier offers a full range of services for all your guitar needs.

Follow the buttons below to learn more about our services or to schedule your free consultation.

A green electric guitar lies face-up on a wooden table with its maple fretboard pointing left. There are string wrappers under the neck, and small lutherie tools on a piece of red felt.

Services and Products

Repairs, consulting, Guitar FittingsTM, and more, including in-home and delivery service for local clients.


Schedule or request service today. Often, Personal Luthier can complete your repair within days.

A fanned out stack of paperback copies of the book Learning to Speak Guitar laid across a dark brown background. The book's cover is white with black lettering and a black-line drawing of an electric guitar.

Learning to Speak Guitar

The book Bob Benedetto called “…an impressive presentation of form and function of our beloved guitar.”

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