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Your guitar questions, answered.

A blue electric guitar lays, face-up, across a table with the neck and head point to the right. Under the neck is a copy of Learning to Speak Guitar, a paperback book with a white cover, black letters, and a black-line drawing of a guitar. Under the guitar's headstock is an open laptop, the screen shows music editing software. There is a lined pad of paper and a pen below the laptop.

Personal Luthier

Personal Luthier offers consulting for your fretted instrument needs.

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Beyond consulting

If you’re looking for more, Personal Luthier can help.

In-Home Repair Services

Sometimes, guitars need in-person service. Many clients living in (or visiting) southern or Midcoast Maine can schedule in-home instrument service using our booking form.

A green electric guitar lies face-up on a wooden table with its maple fretboard pointing left. There are string wrappers under the neck, and small lutherie tools on a piece of red felt.
A Close-up of a pale green electric guitar and its white pick-guard. the "tone" knobs and pickup switch are closest, the pickups are in the background.

Affiliate Referral Program

Personal Luthier seeks partnerships with passionate builders, technicians, and retailers.

Guitar service providers can contact us using this form to inquire about the benefits our Affiliate Referral Program. Learn more here.

Guitar Fitting Services

If you’re looking to buy a new or used instrument, Personal Luthier can help. We can prescribe guitar specifications to ease your playing and match your musical needs. Use our booking form to learn more.

Close-up of an electric guitar's pick-guard and its single-coil bridge pickup with the volume knob in the background. The guitar has strings.

Learning to Speak Guitar:
A Luthier’s Thesaurus

The guitar experience guide offering insights and fresh perspectives for all guitar-lovers.

Front cover of "Learning to Speak Guitar: A Luthier's Thesaurus" The cover is white with a black outline and black lettering. There is a black-line graphic of an electric guitar in the center of the cover.

Learning To Speak Guitar is an impressive presentation of form and function of our beloved guitar. Analogies are plentiful, and offer familiar references to the non-musician and non-luthier who otherwise may be completely in the dark.”
Bob Benedetto, Founder of Benedetto Guitars.

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