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Here are answers to our frequently asked questions.

If you have a specific question about a guitar (your own or someone else’s), please visit our booking page to request a consultation.

How does guitar consulting work?

Personal Luthier provides guitar consulting via phone, email, or video call. This service is available to anyone with an interest in the guitar. Visit the Personal Luthier booking page for step-by-step details and pricing information.

Personal Luthier also offers In-Home Repair Services, Guitar Fittings, and our Affiliate Referral Program. Visit our services page for more information.

What is guitar consulting?

Guitar consulting provides insights and professional perspectives. It also helps educate clients and guides them through guitar maintenance, repair, and diagnostic processes. All consulting is offered remotely to provide greater access to this service.

What kinds of things can Personal Luthier help with?

Anything. Contact Us today with your question or service request.

Here are some examples of our consulting service.

If you identify as a musician, Personal Luthier provides professional insights on potential purchases (of new or used equipment), fair market value for repair or building costs, service schedules, professional second opinions, guidance on completing some repairs, and more.

If you identify as a luthier or technician, Personal Luthier offers guitar design advice, pricing support, science-based materials and methods recommendations, and more.

Is Personal Luthier only for guitars?

No. All Personal Luthier services are available for all fretted instruments. We’re happy to provide services for your bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, sitar, oud, bouzouki, or any other instrument with frets.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultations are free and consist of a single email or five-minute call. After that, new clients pay based on method of correspondence and length and volume of consultations. All rates are based on a $90.00/hour rate.

Please see the Personal Luthier booking page for more pricing information. You can find pricing for our Guitar Repair Services here.

Why am I seeing fine print, a Terms of Service, and a Privacy Policy?

Personal Luthier provides our Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and other relevant terms appearing as fine print near the bottom of our webpages to give you, our clients, users, and visitors, greater access to this information.

Beyond our legal reasons for publishing this information, Personal Luthier offers you this information proactively. Most conventional guitar companies (including many stores, manufacturers, builders, technicians, and other service providers) have similar terms for their business. Personal Luthier gives you access to these terms and policies up-front, enabling you to know what you can expect when working with us.

Do I have to buy a guitar, strings, picks, or something else (and can I if I want to)?

Personal Luthier consulting carries no obligation to purchase any additional products. Presently, Personal Luthier is not selling instruments, strings, or accessories. All questions regarding custom instruments or repair services can be sent via email to Personal Luthier@gmail.com. Clients can also visit our services page for more information on our other products and services.

Can you repair my guitar or build/design one for me?

Personal Luthier offers Guitar Repair Service including pick up and delivery and in-home service for clients living in (or visiting) Maine. Pricing for In-Home Repair Services can be found here. Visit our booking page to inquire about service.

All questions regarding building or designing custom instruments and repair services can be sent via email to Personal Luthier@gmail.com.

Where can I find a copy of Learning to Speak Guitar and what is the newest edition?

Learning to Speak Guitar is available on Amazon, google Play, or Apple Books, and available for purchase through Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops and the Luthier’s Mercantile. It is also available wholesale to other booksellers.

Users interested in signed copies should email their request to Personal Luthier@gmail.com.

Currently, there is only one edition in print. Personal Luthier welcomes feedback and suggestions for a second, expanded and illustrated edition. Those wishing to receive updates about Learning to Speak Guitar can join the mailing list here.

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