Affiliate Referral Program

Building a better community, one referral at a time.

The Affiliate Referral Program

Sometimes, our clients require more than consultations and guidance. The Personal Luthier Affiliate Referral Program provides a way to connect verified guitar service providers with interested clients.

The Personal Luthier Affiliate Referral Program connects teachers, technicians, builders, retailers, manufacturers, accessory-makers, and other companies offering fretted instrument products and services with players, students, and enthusiasts.

Our clients benefit from access to verified, local service providers* who offer products and services beyond the scope or geographic reach of our services.

Businesses benefit by receiving clients who have often consulted Personal Luthier first. This means that business owners can spend less time educating, selling, and marketing, and more time providing the products and services that make their companies great.

How does it work?

Enrolling your guitar business in the Affiliate Referral Program takes three steps.

  1. You complete our Affiliate Referral Form. Your current customers can also complete the form to recommend your business on your behalf.
  2. Personal Luthier verifies your business. We gather information and verify your business by reviewing your business’s details such as:
    • legal organization and fillings with relevant state and local entities
    • length of time in business
    • customer reviews (where applicable)
    • availability of services and/or products offered
  3. Together, we establish a referral agreement. From this point, your business is officially included in our referral list and Personal Luthier can begin to direct relevant clients to you.

What does it cost?

Businesses enrolling in the Affiliate Referral Program have two options for purchasing this service.

  • Personal Luthier offers monthly and annual subscription pricing for businesses looking to actively advertise their services. In this agreement, you pay up-front for continuous referrals and/or advertising as we agree in our referral agreement. Complete our Affiliate Referral Form for more pricing information.
  • Personal Luthier also offers in-kind support agreements where businesses earn referrals by first recommending Personal Luthier to their clients. In this format, your business earns credits by directing clients to Personal Luthier for our services. When one of your clients contacts Personal Luthier and shares that you recommended us, you earn one referral credit. Credits can be applied one-for-one to referrals or saved up to purchase other kinds of support.

How does it work for clients?

Clients seeking a referral to a local guitar service provider can request information via our booking form. This form is the primary way to contact Personal Luthier for your service needs**.

To enroll your business or learn more, please complete our Affiliate Referral Form.

If you are looking for a verified service provider in your area, please use our booking form to request your referral.

To book a consultation, please visit our booking page here.

*Please note, verification of any third-party, or any referral made by Personal Luthier makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind of any quality, fitness, or acceptability of any product or service provided by any third-party. All actions taken in relation to any referral are done so at the sole risk of client(s) (and/or parties acting on their behalf) receiving said referrals. Please read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for more information.

**Please note, consultation service charges may apply.

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