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A blue electric guitar lays, face-up, across a table with the neck and head point to the right. Under the neck is a copy of Learning to Speak Guitar, a paperback book with a white cover, black letters, and a black-line drawing of a guitar. Under the guitar's headstock is an open laptop, the screen shows music editing software. There is a lined pad of paper and a pen below the laptop.


Personal Luthier provides remote, one-on-one consultations for all your guitar questions. It’s like having a personal guitar expert whose focus is removing barriers so that you can enjoy whatever it is you love the most about the guitar. Initial consultations are free and additional services start at $20 with subscriptions available.
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Two electric guitars are stacked together in a guitar stand with only the left side of their bodies visible. The guitar on the left has a flamed maple top, black binding, and an "F-hole". The guitar on the right is blue and made of ash. It is sold and has no binding. Both guitars have chrome hardware and pickup covers.

Close-up of an electric guitar's pick-guard and its single-coil bridge pickup with the volume knob in the background. The guitar has strings.

Guitar Fitting Services

For clients looking to purchase a new or used instrument, Personal Luthier offers fit and function guidance using our proprietary methods built on technical measurements. The result is a “prescription” for which guitar specifications suit you and your needs. *
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In-Home Repair Services

Sometimes, guitars need in-person service. For clients living in (or visiting) southern or Midcoast Maine, Personal Luthier offers in-home repairs including restringing, setups, nut and saddle work, electronics repairs, buzz mitigation, tone refining, and more.
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Note: in-home services are suspended as of December 1, 2021 due to COVID–19. Please contact us for information on future booking options.

A green electric guitar lies face-up on a wooden table with its maple fretboard pointing left. There are string wrappers under the neck, and small lutherie tools on a piece of red felt.
A Close-up of a pale green electric guitar and its white pick-guard. the "tone" knobs and pickup switch are closest, the pickups are in the background.

Affiliate Referral Program

Our Affiliate Referral Program helps guitar-makers, technicians, retailers, and other service providers expand their customer base while providing clients outside of Maine access to verified providers in their area. Learn more here.

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Learning to Speak Guitar: A Luthier’s Thesuarus

The book that started it all. This guitar experience guide offering insights and fresh perspectives for all guitar-lovers. Learning to Speak Guitar offers new ways of understanding the guitar and its language by nurturing progress, dispelling myths, and fostering community in a single, approachable volume.
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A fanned out stack of paperback copies of the book Learning to Speak Guitar laid across a dark brown background. The book's cover is white with black lettering and a black-line drawing of an electric guitar.

If you have a specific question about a guitar (your own or someone else’s), please visit our booking page to request a consultation.

*Please note, Guitar Fitting makes no guarantee of satisfaction or a perfect “fit.” This service recommends instrument traits and makes no claim to any opinion of any other guitar company’s products. Additional terms may apply.

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