Personal Luthier answers your guitar questions.


Personal Luthier provides one-on-one, remote guitar consulting. This service answers questions and provides resources for guitarists and luthiers (guitar-makers). It is an extension of Learning to Speak Guitar: A Luthier’s Thesaurus, the only book surveying the experiences of owning, playing, repairing, and building guitars.

Together, Personal Luthier and Learning to Speak Guitar clarify complex topics, offer repair schedules and pricing guidance, support builders as they experiment with new materials or methods, and create an industry-wide language around the guitar to create more harmonious experiences for all.

Unlike traditional guitar stores or lutherie shops, consulting, advising, and guiding are Personal Luthier’s primary services. It’s like having a personal guitar expert whose focus is removing barriers so that you can enjoy whatever it is you love the most about the guitar.

Personal Luthier also provides additional services for clients in search of comprehensive care for their instruments. For our local clients in need of in-person service, we offer in-home repair services. For our more distant clients, our Affiliate Referral Program verifies service providers in their area. As well, we offer Guitar Fitting services for clients who are considering the purchase of a new or used instrument.

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Personal Luthier
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